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Business Owners
and Busy Professionals

By taking advantage of the unique opportunity to structure corporate and personal assets tax efficiently, Dan helps business owners - including farmers and self-employed professionals - put their business to work for them.

In what can seem like a bewildering array of banking, investment and insurance products, Dan Allen helps business owners make sense of it all.  By working with their lawyer and accountant to take advantage of this opportunity, we can put financial assets to work for business owners while freeing them up to run their business.

And the greatest asset any business owner has to protect is themselves. After 30 years working with business owners, farmers and self-employed professionals, Dan has seen what can happen to businesses and families when owners have not taken steps to protect against untimely death, illness or injury.

Putting the appropriate insurance products in place to protect your family and your business is key to every business owner’s financial plan. Dan’s expertise in corporate finances can help you and your accountant structure your insurances to put tax effective plans in place.