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Latest Private Wealth Podcast: Featuring Frances Donald and Jamie Robertson

The road ahead: Focusing on your investment goals amidst uncertainty (Podcast)

Many countries around the world are gradually reopening their economies as COVID-19 infection rates slow. While this progress toward normality inspires a sense of cautious optimism, overall uncertainty remains high and investors find themselves sitting on the sidelines holding cash generating little to no income. 

Our latest episode of the Private Wealth Podcast call features Manulife Investment Management’s Frances Donald, Chief Economist & Head of Macro Strategy, who provides a market update and insight on navigating the next chapter of COVID-19, and Jamie Robertson, Senior Portfolio Manager, Head of Asset Allocation, who puts into context the short-term volatility we are currently experiencing and the impact it has on investors’ long-term savings’ goals.

Listen to the latest episode of the Manulife Private Wealth* Podcast:

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